21st May, 20

Nation’s Mental Wellness Coach Launches Free Services for Sufferers

Leading psychotherapist, Mark Newey is on a mission to transform the nation's mental health and support those suffering with stress, anxiety, or depression during the Covid-19 crisis.

Latest figures (pre Covid-19) reveal that 1 in 6 UK residents¹ are struggling with stress, anxiety or depression in any one week, yet over 75% of people receive no treatment²; and of those that do, one in five people have to wait a year for therapy and one in ten wait two years!³

To coincide with National Mental Health Awareness Week (18-24 May), Mark Newey, the self-appointed ‘Nation’s Mental Wellness Coach’, is launching a series of free online tools to empower people to alleviate their stress, anxiety and depression during lockdown. He explains: “We are living in unprecedented times. Few of us are equipped to deal with the uncertainty and anxiety that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought into our lives. To support everyone through this crisis I’ve developed a series of self-help tools and will be launching a programme of 12 weekly webinars to teach individuals how to manage their mental wellness.”

He continued: “Many families are feeling the pressure right now, they’re being asked to homeschool their children, work from home, or enter the workplace with limited PPE, we’re all uncertain what the future may hold, many worrying if they still have a job or a business, and anxiety under these circumstances is absolutely normal. Stressed parents don’t make happy homes, but with support and time for self-care, mums and dads can learn how to look after their mental wellbeing and get through these tough times.”

The online tools will include videos on self-care in uncertain times, the Happiness Hierarchy (The Roadmap to Mental Wellness Education), five guided meditation sessions, five self-hypnosis sessions and a programme of 12 weekly webinars, which will discuss topics from self-awareness and self-esteem to life vision and parenting. A complete Mental Wellness Education app is also being developed and will be available from August 2020. To sign-up, simply visit www.headucate.me/cv19-free-self-help-resources.

Mike Watson spoke to Mark earlier this week to find out more, listen to the full interview here:



¹ Mind.org.uk

² Department of Health (2014)

³ We Need to Talk Coalition


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