02nd May, 20

Takeover Radio and Covid-19 – #RadioFromHome

Shows are broadcast from the DJ's bedrooms, conservatories, living rooms and the occasional shed as we adopt on the #RadioFromHome movement.

Here at Takeover Radio, keeping the station on air amidst the Coronavirus was incredibly important. Not just for our community of listeners, but also for the people who make Takeover what is is – the people who work behind the scenes, many of whom are aged 8-18 to produce great radio for their listeners. Having closed the studio building, all shows are being presented remotely, as you’ll hear on the station, ‘from studios across Leicestershire’.

Shows are either recorded or presented live from the DJ’s bedrooms, conservatories, living rooms and the occasional shed as we adopt on the #RadioFromHome movement, created out of necessity.

Below are some accounts from some of our presenters during this unprecedented time.


Hey everyone,

As a child it has been very hard to understand and accept why i can’t spend time with my friends and family.
I miss being out of the house but I have used the time to learn new things and improve on my radio show.I love being on the radio and it helps me to feel connected with everyone while we get through this.

We are in this together so tune in to my Saturday mix up show on Takeover radio 103.2FM or takeoverradio.com

- Imaan Tiana, Presenter

5 weeks ago, my life was turned up side down. School was cancelled, and we couldn’t even leave the house (apart from exercise). That also meant that I couldn’t go to the station for training. I spent at least 4 hours every weekend doing training, and was just working up to presenting the next gen show. But then the station shut, and after a week or so I was asked if I wanted to present from home. It was obviously not easy getting started but after a while you get used to it. Of course you need to keep the station running at any cost, presenting from home is a good solution. With everyone in quarantine, it’s important to keep radio going because it is a good way to keep up to date with current affairs, and is a good way to stop people from getting lonely. Stay safe everyone.

- Daniel, Presenter

My experiences of lockdown are, perhaps, a bit more acute than most. As a “vulnerable to serious illness” person I am under orders not to leave the house for twelve whole weeks. As someone who leaves the house at least once a day this is a worrying prospect. However, technology makes it easier, with the ability to message, call, or video call friends and family, the feelings of isolation are lifted somewhat. But the thought of the big wide world outside the window are a temptation to say the least. 

Another alleviation is the ability to broadcast from home. Being a radio presenter is a solitary experience at least partially, Having spent many a show alone in a building, sometimes overnight, this period of existence mirrors that to an extent. Alone in a building and talking to - potentially - thousands of listeners is a bit on a mindwarp really.  I miss guests and co-presenters, I miss not being able to share experiences with listeners, after all, every day is the same at the moment. However, I feel the isolation of a radio presenter lets me empathise with those in a similar boat, we’re always told to picture a typical listener, I think my typical listener is myself at the moment. Stuck inside, reliant on technology to keep in touch, usual routines changed. This is an interesting, and terrifying period. One which will never be forgotten, The advice for lockdown is sound and important. I follow it despite being a non conformist at heart, I value my friends, family, listeners and co-workers, we all have to come out of this. If that means twelve weeks alone, and having to develop mental disciplines then it’s what has to be done, to look back at this time and say “We got through this".

Mike Watson - Presenter

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