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What wired and wonderful goes on in my show?

Hello, I’m Daniel, and I present Full On Foxes, on Takeover Radio, 103.2. Full On Foxes is a show all about Leicester City, that runs from 6-7 on a Wednesday evening. I’ve been supporting Leicester since birth and the first game I went to was a 2-1 loss against Crystal Palace in 2012. I’m normally found doing school work but when I’m not, you can find preparing for the next Full On Foxes show. But you may ask, what is Full On Foxes? Well, as I’ve already said, it’s a show all about Leicester city. I will usually have a guest, or two, on with me, whether that be a personal friend, a former player, or anyone else associated with Leicester city! It’s something you definitely need to tune into, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!